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Waterweed wipeout - teacher supplement

This app is supported by lesson plans for junior or upper primary students.

Junior primary curriculum links:

  • Science years 3 and 4: ACSHE050, ACSHE051, ACSSU072, ACSSU073, ACSHE062
  • HaSS year 4:ACHASSI081, ACHASSK088, ACHASSK090
  • Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability

Upper primary curriculum links:

  • Science years 5 and 6: ACSHE083, ACSSU094
  • HASS – Geography years 5 and 6: ACHASSK113
  • Digital Technologies years 5 and 6: ACTDIP016
  • Science years 7 and 8: ACSHE120
  • HASS – Knowledge & Understanding (Water in the world) – ACHGK042
  • Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability.

About waterweed wipeout app

Using the app, students discover (through popups and a reward system) that there must be a balance between reducing the invasive waterweed, Egeria densa, and having sufficient water available in the lake at the times when it is most needed. This demonstrates one of the challenges in water management in the Murray–Darling Basin.

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marker and information sheet
Junior primary lesson plan - 'unwanted visitors'
Upper primary lesson plan - 'waterweed wipeout'