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Run the River app - teacher supplement

Lesson plans and worksheets to accompany the Run the River app. They are linked to the Australian curriculum for:

  • Science - years 7 and 8: ACSSU222/225, ACSHE121/136, ACSIS125 and Science inquiry skills
  • Geography - year 7: ACHGK038, ACHGK039, ACHGS040, ACHGS048, ACHGK050 and gathering geographical information
  • Cross curriculum priority: sustainability (systems, world views and futures)

About Run the River app

To progress through the levels of the Run the River app, players must deliver enough water to all water users during 7 different eras — 1905, 1936, 1955, 1968, 1977, 1988 and 2006. Players face challenges of flood and drought, evaporation, seasonal changes, increasing salinity, a rising watertable and increasing demand for water as farms and towns develop along the river. There is an optional tutorial which helps players to learn about what they have to do to successfully run the river.

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the water cycle
elements of the water cycle
water in the environment