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Investigation into the location of horticultural water demands

The delivery of water from the major storages in the Upper Murray to irrigators throughout the Basin can be challenging. There are a number of constraints that impact water delivery to below the Barmah Reach, such as the length of time required to deliver water and the amount of water that can be delivered at any one time.

This challenge of delivering water to irrigators creates a risk that water may not be delivered when it is needed. This is called a shortfall. While permanent horticulture can be grown above or below the Barmah Reach, recent studies have shown there is an expansion of permanent horticultural developments downstream of the Barmah Reach.

This study investigates 9 key drivers of uptake of permanent horticultural plantations downstream of the Barmah Reach from the perspectives of irrigators.


An investigation into the location of horticultural water demands