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Constraints Management Strategy Annual Progress Report to Ministers 2014

The Basin Plan and the Constraints Management Strategy (CMS) require the MDBA to report annually to Basin ministers about progress with matters covered by the CMS.

During 2014 the MDBA completed the prefeasibility phase of the CMS and provided the first annual progress report to ministers.  The annual report provides the background and detail of the MDBA’s key findings and recommendations to governments about which constraints measures should progress to the next phase for further investigation. It includes the results of the work done in key focus areas, the progress that has been made in prioritising the operational and management constraints, and the analysis and prioritisation of constraints.

At the end of phase one of the strategy, we recommended to Basin governments that we continue to explore the potential to relax constraints in each of the seven key focus areas through the feasibility phase. We are leading the feasibility assessment for the three River Murray focus areas on behalf of Basin governments as an integrated package. Basin States will lead the next phase of work in the other focus areas.