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Basin Plan annual report 2014–15

The Basin Plan annual report tracks the progress of the Basin Plan and associated water reforms. The aim of the Basin Plan is to ensure that water is shared between all users, including the environment, in a sustainable way so that the river system can continue to support communities and industries in the long term.

This report provides an update on progress made during 2014–15 towards achieving the sustainable and balanced use of the Murray-Darling Basin’s scarce water resources.

During 2014–15, Basin governments and the MDBA worked with communities to implement different elements of this long-term reform. 

This annual report draws on reports that Basin governments provide as part of the Basin Plan’s monitoring and evaluation program.

See where environmental water was delivered against the annual watering priorities in 2014–15.

Basin government reports

Each year, as part of the Basin Plan's monitoring and evaluation program, Basin governments report on how they are implementing different elements of the Basin Plan.

The reporting requirements are set out in Schedule 12 of the Basin Plan. Schedule 12 requires Basin governments to report on a range of different matters from environmental watering and water quality, to water trading and water resource planning.

Some reports are required annually, while others feed into a more comprehensive evaluation report.

How local communities influenced Basin Plan implementation

Full government reports:

Environmental watering coordination and principles

Full government reports - environmental water use:

  • Australian Capital Territory [XLSX]
  • New South Wales [XLSX]
  • Queensland [XLSX]
  • South Australia [XLSX]
  • Victoria [XLSX]

Full government reports - environmental watering coordination and principles:

  • Australian Capital Territory [DOCX] [PDF]
  • New South Wales [PDF]
  • Queensland [PDF]
  • South Australia [PDF]
  • Victoria [PDF]
    • Gunbower case study report 2014–15 [PDF]

Managing for critical human water needs

Managing water quality and salinity

Full government reports:

Water markets and trading rules

Full government reports: 

  • Australian Capital Territory [DOCX] [PDF]
  • New South Wales [PDF]
  • Queensland [PDF]
  • South Australia [PDF]
  • Victoria  [PDF]
    • CoAG service standards[XLSX] [PDF]
    • Refused water trade applications[XLSX]