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Assessing environmental water requirements for the Basin's rivers

The hydrologic indicator site method was used by the Authority to assess the environmental water needs of the Murray–Darling Basin and determine the proposed environmentally sustainable level of take (ESLT); see 'The proposed "environmentally sustainable level of take" for surface water of the Murray–Darling Basin: Method and Outcomes,' for further information on this method.

An important input to the method is the assessment of environmental water requirements at indicator sites spread across the Basin. The following reports detail the assessments of environmental water requirements for the proposed Basin Plan.

Assessment of environmental water requirements for the proposed Basin Plan:

  • Barmah–Millewa Forest [PDF 750KB] [Word 1.55MB]
  • Barwon-Darling River (in-channel flows) [PDF 2.27MB] [Word 4.51MB]
  • Booligal Wetlands [PDF 1.25MB] [Word 1.49MB]
  • Edward–Wakool River System [PDF 784KB] [Word 1.51MB]
  • Great Cumbung Swamp [PDF 1.24MB] [Word 1.62MB]
  • Gunbower-Koondrook-Perricoota Forest [PDF 915KB] [Word 1.62MB]
  • Gwydir Wetland [PDF 920KB] [Word 1.60MB]
  • Hattah Lakes [PDF 1.42MB] [Word 4.92MB]
  • Lachlan Swamp [PDF 2.7MB] [Word 2.12MB]
  • Lower Balonne River Floodplain System [PDF 1MB] [Word 2.76MB]
  • Lower Border Rivers (in-channel flows) [PDF 2.11MB] [Word 2.67MB]
  • Lower Darling River System [PDF 1.54MB] [Word 2.26MB]
  • Lower Goulburn River (in-channel flows) [PDF 1.45MB] [Word 2.21MB]
  • Lower Goulburn River Floodplain [PDF 704KB] [Word 1.42MB]
  • Lower Murrumbidgee River (in-channel flows) [PDF 1.90MB] [Word 2.38MB]
  • Lower Murrumbidgee River Floodplain [PDF 796KB] [Word 1.66MB]
  • Lower Namoi River in-channel flows) [PDF 2.5MB] [Word 3.40MB]
  • Lower River Murray (in-channel flows) [PDF 1.59MB] [Word 2.32MB]
  • Macquarie Marshes [PDF 1.65MB] [Word 1.76MB]
  • Mid-Murrumbidgee River Wetlands [PDF 1.81MB] [Word 1.73MB]
  • Narran Lakes [PDF 1.35MB] [Word 1.56MB]
  • Riverland-Chowilla Floodplain [PDF 0.97MB] [Word 1.46MB]
  • The Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth [PDF 0.9MB] [Word 1.48MB]
  • Wimmera River Terminal Wetlands [PDF 760KB] [Word 1.40MB]