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Key ecosytem functions and their environmental water requirements

This is a technical report by Alluvium Consulting. This report contains advice to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority concerning key ecosystem functions and their water requirements. This report has been used to inform but does not necessarily reflect the methodology used to determine key ecosystem functions and their water requirements for the Basin Plan.

This document has been prepared by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority for general use and to assist public knowledge and discussion regarding the integrated and sustainable management of the Basin’s natural water resources. The opinions, comments and analysis (including those of third parties) expressed in this document are for information purposes only. This document does not indicate the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s commitment to undertake or implement a particular course of action, and should not be relied upon in relation to any particular action or decision taken. Users should note that developments in Commonwealth policy, input from consultation and other circumstances may result



Alluvium consulting report (2010)