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Fish and flows in the northern Basin: responses of fish to changes in flows in the northern Murray-Darling Basin

The project was undertaken by Fisheries NSW as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority's northern Basin review. The project has consolidated and improved the understanding of the environmental water needs of fish in the northern Basin. A broad group of fish experts from universities and governments also considered and advised on the latest understanding about the requirements of fish. As a result, Fisheries NSW has recommended new flow requirements in the Barwon-Darling.

The reports provide a better understanding of the flows required to ensure that fish can move along river systems and have improved conditions for breeding and access to habitat, all of which will assist in increasing population size and condition – something all avid fishers will appreciate.

There are a number of associated documents with this project; the executive summary in the stage 3 report provides a good overall synopsis of the projects findings.