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Barmah and Millewa floodplain monitoring reports

Monitoring reports from the Barmah and Millewa floodplains, one of The Living Murray icon sites. Read more about significant environmental areas on the River Murray.

Note: Some reports have been temporarily removed from this page to correct a typographical error - 3 April 2019


2017 - 18 reports
Restoring large bodied fish populations in Millewa Forest – 2017-18

This project uses acoustic telemetry to track the movement of large bodied fish to determine if restoring flows improves their ability to colonise anabranch creeks in Millewa Forest.

Mapping Moira grass in the Barmah-Millewa Forest using drone imagery in 2017-18

This project trialled the use of remotely sensed imagery to map the distribution of Moira grass in Barmah-Millewa Forest in 2017-18.

Waterbird Intervention Monitoring activity within Millewa Forest

This report presents results from seasonal waterbird surveys undertaken in 2017-2018.

Barmah-Millewa Fish Condition Monitoring: 2018

This reports on fish and crayfish populations surveyed in the Barmah Millewa Forest in 2017-2018

Bush Bird Monitoring in Barmah Millewa Forest 1999 – 2018

This report provides 2017-18 bush bird survey results and a comparison of changes to species richness and abundance since 1999 in the Barmah Millewa forest.

Barmah Millewa Forest The 2018 Bush Bird Blitz

Reports on monitoring of woodland bird communities in the Barmah Millewa forest in summer 2018. 

Moira Lake Fish surveys 2018 Final Report

This reports on the native fish recovery model in Moira Lake in 2017 2018.

2016 - 17 reports
Waterbird Condition Monitoring within Barmah-Millewa Forest 2016-2017

The report presents results from seasonal waterbird surveys undertaken in 2016-17.

Millewa Forest Intervention Monitoring 2016-2017

This report presents results from intervention monitoring in 2016-18 at Millewa Forest.

Monitoring Waterbird Activity in Millewa Forest 2016-2017

This report presents the results of the waterbird interventional monitoring program undertaken during the natural flood and environmental flow event in 2016-17.

Bush bird monitoring in Barmah-Millewa Forest 2017

This report presents an overview of the 2016-17 monitoring results and a brief discussion on observational trends in bush bird diversity and abundance within Barmah-Millewa Forest.

Mapping Pseudoraphis spinescens using remotely sensed imagery (Moira Grass)

This reports on 2016 remote mapping of the coverage and changes of P. spinescens  in comparison to on-ground mapping in 2013/14. 

2015 - 16 reports
Bush bird monitoring within Barmah–Millewa Forest 2015-2016

This report presents results from bush bird surveys at Barmah-Millewa Forest in 2015-16 to provide insight into species richness and relative abundance. The 2015-16 results are compared to survey results dating back to 2000 to assess changes in species diversity over time.

Fish condition monitoring at Barmah–Millewa from 2006–2016

This report provides a summary of the results of the 2016 sampling season and relates to the previous nine years of sampling, excluding 2015 where no sampling was undertaken.This report provides a summary of the results of the 2016 sampling season and relates to the previous nine years of sampling, excluding 2015 where no sampling was undertaken.

Waterbird monitoring at Barmah–Millewa 2015–16

This report provides a summary of the results of the 2015-16 waterbird surveys in Barmah–Millewa Forest. The survey recorded a total of 41 species and more than 1600 individual waterbirds.

Background concepts to the restoration of diverse native fish communities at Barmah–Millewa Forest

This report presents an approach to native fish recovery by re-establishing flowing anabranches at Barmah–Millewa Forest.

Intervention monitoring Millewa Forest: 2015-16

This report provides the results of monitoring undertaken in Millewa Forest as part of the 2015-16 Barmah Millewa environmental watering event.

Monitoring waterbird activity in Millewa forest: 2015-2016

This report presents the results of the intervention monitoring program undertaken during an environmental watering event during the 2015-16 watering season.

Pygmy perch capacity for survival

Will heat and hypoxia in floodplain wetlands give alien mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) the edge over endemic pygmy perch (Nannopera australis)?

This report presents data from lab experiments that investigate pygmy perch (Nannopera australis) capacity for survival. The report outlines the methods used in lab experiments that tested pygmy perch resistance to heat and capacity for endurance swimming. The study also included a field survey of pygmy perch presence in Barmah Forest.