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Australian Public Service Census

Every year, the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) participates in the Australian Public Service (APS) wide employee census conducted by the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC). The APSC conducted the 2021 Census from Monday 10 May to Friday 11 June 2021 and 82% of eligible MDBA staff responded.

The results of the survey include not only the results for the MDBA, but also includes changes in MDBA results from the previous year’s survey responses, as well as comparisons with the overall APS, APS policy agencies and medium size APS agencies.

Compared to other APS agencies, the MDBA performed well in:

  • Engagement – 25th out of 101
  • Wellbeing – 9th out of 101
  • Innovation – 32nd out of 101

We also received positive feedback around MDBA supporting staff: 

  • through times of uncertainty
  • satisfaction around non-monetary employment conditions (e.g. leave, flexible work)
  • people being happy to go the ‘extra mile’ at work when required.

A complete breakdown of the MDBA 2021 Employee Census results is now available below.

Find out more about the Murray–Darling Basin Authority, including Careers and the MDBA Enterprise Agreement.


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