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Basin Plan 5-yearly reports 2020

Every 5 years as part of the Basin Plan’s monitoring and evaluation program, Basin governments report on how they are implementing different elements of the Basin Plan.

These reporting requirements are set out in Schedule 12 Matters for evaluation and reporting requirements of the Basin Plan and include:

  • the Basin Plan as a whole
  • Environmental Watering Plan
  • water quality and salinity
  • water trading rules
  • water resource planning.

Five-yearly reporting under Schedule 12 was undertaken for the first time in 2020 and Basin governments provided reports on:

  • Matter 8 (Achievement of environmental outcomes at an asset scale) and
  • Matter 12 (Progress towards the water quality targets in Chapter 9).

These 5-yearly reports represent a significant body of work, and generally contain a higher degree of data analysis and assessment than the annual reports referred as Basin Plan Implementation Reports 2019–20. Although not incorporated into the 2020 Basin Plan Evaluation, these reports are considered a complementary product, containing valuable information at a locally-relevant scale.

Please note that the Basin government reports do not represent the views of the MDBA.