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Social media

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) uses social media to share information, engage with communities, and promote the work underway for a healthy Basin.

The MDBA’s primary social media accounts are outlined below.


Join our Facebook community for stories about the work of the MDBA and the people, industries and events that shape our rivers. You can view stories and information through @MDBAuth.


Track the latest news and events through our tweets on @MD_Basin_Auth.

Some of the hashtags we use regularly include #MDBasin, #MDBAwebinar, #RiverMurray, #waterefficiency and #healthybasin.


Follow us on LinkedIn for more in-depth news and views on water management in the Basin.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Terms of use

Our social media moderation policy ensures that contributions are appropriate, respect the needs and sensitivities of others and are lawful.

Updated: 02 Nov 2021